Originally hailing from the Rock’n’Roll Capitol of the World, Cleveland Ohio, Britny currently embraces Austin, TX as home. Powerhouse lead singer/songwriter of Corbella, Britny delivers her imaginative artistry in a soulful, energetic fashion that is provocatively alluring and bewitchingly entertaining.


“I got my first live glimpse of the attention grabbing shewolf… and holy shit, does Lobas radiate rocker attitude. On stage, she’s dangerously seductive unleashing a ferocious vocal range that would make Christina turn her chair.” – Track Rambler, Austin Texas

“Blatantly talented front woman Britny Lobas’ commanding voice runs the range from soulful tenderness to powerful,anthemic, down-n-dirty rock-n-roll. She possesses a star quality that lights up the room.. Or your speakers.” – Loris Lowe, KLBJ 93.7FM, KGSR 93.3FM



More music available on the following platforms

More music available on the following platforms