Austin-based Britny Lobas is a femme-fatale pop rock artist who is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. This powerhouse — known for her energetic, dynamic, and passionate live performances — explores the seductive side of rock while captivating and connecting deeply with her fans. With a ferocious vocal range, this she-wolf will demand your attention and keep it within her firm grasp.

“I got my first live glimpse of the attention-grabbing she-wolf… and holy shit does Lobas radiate rocker attitude. On stage, she’s dangerously seductive unleashing a ferocious vocal range that would make Christina turn her chair.” – Track Rambler, Austin Texas

“Blatantly talented front woman Britny Lobas’ commanding voice runs the range from soulful tenderness to powerful, anthemic, down-n-dirty rock-n-roll. She possesses a star quality that lights up the room… Or your speakers.” – Loris Lowe, KLBJ 93.7FM, KGSR 93.3FM




More music available on the following platforms

More music available on the following platforms